Industrial cleaning products

尊龙新版手机app supplies a range of bespoke biological 和 chemical cleaning products 和 detergents to distributers, resellers 和 industrial customers. These products are environmentally friendly, non toxic 和 biodegradable, using different blends of microorganisms, bacteria or chemicals to target odours, 灰尘和污垢, 脂肪, greases 和 organic wastes. 

尊龙新版手机app还有一系列 立即可用的 products 和 services that can slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus through essential hygiene management.  

ECOSAN消毒剂 | 手消毒产品

尊龙新版手机app的产品  |  尊龙新版手机app

尊龙新版手机app的 natural cleaning products include:

  • BioDegreaser
  • A + / C +清洁剂
  • 地毯 & 家具清洁
  • BioOdour控制
  • OdourFree
  • 生物凝胶袜子

Bio-Degreaser is a bio enhancement product for preventing the build-up of troublesome grease 和 脂肪 in restaurants, 酒店, 食堂, 食品大厅等. It is also effective in drainage systems 和 waste water treatment plants. It biologically digests grease 和 organic waste build up by turning it into CO2 和 water. 尊龙新版手机app provides a complete treatment system combining product 和 a fully automatic dispensing pump to ensure the correct application.

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Bio formulated cleaning solutions for the safe, effective removal of all grease, grime 和 dirt from multi composite surfaces 和 地板. It also acts a powerful deodoriser.

  • The C-plus solution is commonly used on external surfaces due to its higher pH, e.g. 大型商用车辆. 
  • A-plus has a neutral pH 和 is more commonly used on internal surfaces

尊龙新版手机app can tailor the product blend to customers’ specific requirements 和 can vary the levels of pH depending on requirements. 尊龙新版手机app的 + 和 Cleaners are non-hazardous, biodegradable 和 safe to dispose of into drainage systems.

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A general purpose carpet cleaner that can be sprayed onto carpets or used through a carpet cleaning machine. The product is very effective in removing dirt, grease, grime 和 oil, it’s also pH netural.

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A non-toxic blend of biodegradable, natural active agents that rapidly removes organic compounds 和 odours from tanks, 油轮, 垃圾系统, 空气管喷口, 天鹤座油脂拦截器, 沟壑, drains 和 skips 和 storage areas. BioOdour can be applied direct to the odour source or can be sprayed onto contaminated areas with a knap sack.

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An environmentally friendly, portable toilet additive with concentrated fragrance. Examples of use include caravans, buses, trains 和 boats. Odour free it works at its optimum efficiency during conditions of continual hot weather. This is a major benefitting factor for toilet hire firms 和 boat owners  that are repeatedly called out when the chemical additives they have used have been become exhausted 和 foul odours prevail.

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A biological oil absorbent sock that contains specific oil degrading micro-organisms. It is recommended for the treatment of oil water separators, bunds 和 run-offs in garages, 经销商, 停车场, haulage yards 和 industrial sites. The 生物凝胶袜子 promotes high discharge water quality with the available nutrients positively impacting biochemical 和 chemical oxygen dem和.

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ECOSAN is a powerful concentrated disinfectant sanitizer for use on all food preparation surfaces 和 food processing equipment, 墙, 地板, laboratories 和 other high-risk areas. The product contains an ingredient called Vantocil 和 can be used to disinfect frequently touched objects 和 surfaces.

Formulated for its broad spectrum antibacterial 和 virucidal properties, ECOSAN provides an unsurpassed, safe 和 effective replacement for conventional cleaners, bleaches 和 disinfectants. 在水性, ECOSAN is safe 和 easy to use, with no unwanted side effects such as taint, 气味或处理危险.

Areas of application include public transport, 航空公司, 无菌实验室, 办公室的桌子, hotel 和 catering kitchens, 手术的长椅, 牙科设备, 兽医诊所, nursing homes 和 restaurants.

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